MAN VS LOGO – how we advertise ourselves.

You dress up every day, you comb your hair, brush your teeth, moisturise…

That routine takes us women 45 minutes at the very least. For successful men, they might iron their shirts, polish their shoes,  shave and some of them even shower…

All this preparation into one’s physical image, yet most people neglect their business design.

They neglect their good-looks (their branding). It’s as if business owners  realise the importance in wearing a quality suit every day, or driving vehicle that retails for six figures, but their business seems to be turning up in their out-of date clothes they’ve kept since childhood.

They simply just don’t fit anymore.

This isn’t the most intelligent way to run a business and us New Zealand folk need to get a little smarter.  You see, there’s an unfair advantage that businesses have over humans in making themselves look desirable. If you get your branding correct once, if your logo design is created properly, then an analogy could be that you never have to shower again.
Now a logo design is only part of the equation, just because you don’t shower anymore, it doesn’t mean you shouldn’t brush your teeth! Your advertising also could do with a little maintenance. Your design and advertising will need to adapt to each situation and each campaign should be a purpose built strategic design.