What is wrong with your marketing? Is your branding turning customers away?

A Christchurch Hotel inherited a brand and logo. Sounds convenient right? No, not when the branding and logo was actually turning customers away. What is wrong with your brand could be translated to ‘what is wrong with your marketing’?

A logo, the nucleus of your brand, can be sneaky. It works in stealth, it’s either your silent enemy or your modest champion. It doesn’t boast about its revenue, gloat of successes nor is it indicative of poor performance.

You don’t hear a whisper, but a logo speaks volumes as our Christchurch hoteliers found out. When asking yourself ‘what is wrong with our marketing’, start with ‘what is wrong with our branding?’


You have design and branding experts that can help you with your attraction process because that’s what a logo and it’s associated brand is. It’s there to attract.

The hotel’s logo was outdated and was stylised like it should have been selling takeaways. Accommodation should look warm, inviting, comfortable and friendly. This fundamental mistake had been driving customers away for many many years and the owners had no idea.

People do judge books by their covers, make your’s appealing.Great logo design is a must. Please don’t underestimate it’s subtle importance, your marketing thrives from your branding and logo design.