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Deciding how you are going to market your business and creating a marketing plan can be more challenging than the marketing itself! There are countless marketing options that you could put your energy into, but the trick is knowing where to focus your attention and your marketing budget. Many experts suggest putting significant energy into…

Should I be marketing during the Coronavirus?

This question is top-of-mind for most business owners, and unfortunately, there’s no easy answer, however, in this short article, we explain what some of our most clever Thinkroom clients are focusing on, and how they’ve shifted their marketing spend to adapt.

This short article is designed to get you thinking about how your business needs to adapt and become prepared for the corona virus-effect.

Sweaty hands, dandruff dusted shoulders, cheap suit & eager to unload their story all over you. They’re networking junkies, and they’re trying their darnedest to get another sale. Or maybe they just want to be part of the cool club.